What People Say


The workshop was GREAT! As a facilitator, Liu Shueng was knowledgeable, funny, supportive, gentle and, most importantly, adapted to the needs and questions of the group. She was happy to give of herself and share her experiences” – Jim Callaghan (Auckland Cancer Society)

It’s only been two days, but I have seen remarkable change in the tutor’s attitude and how she interacts with all the students. She seems less stressed and hectic. The students are laughing and enjoying their training again.” – Alieta Uelese (Hastings)

The parrot was…a fun and effective way to address the predjuices that exist within us all” – Angie Thompson (Cranford Hospice)

A parrot finger puppet was used to vividly communicate an explanation of how we react to difference and how powerful our inner voice is.” – Heather Brown (EIT)

“Liu Shueng was knowledgeable, funny, supportive, gentle, and importantly adaptable to the needs and questions of the group – she was happy to give of herself and share her experiences.” –  Participant, Whangarei Workshop 2010

‘I have explored today other ways of seeing diversity.’

‘As I have gotten older I could see that I was reducing my life, and you have shown how to expand it again in fresh and meaningful ways.’

‘I sent an employee because the clients were so unhappy.  When she came back, I breathed a sigh of relief as I could see everyone had relaxed.  The skills have been really helpful. ‘

‘I had so many of these skills but they revealed others I need to look at and change.’

‘The skills were presented in a way that made it easy to remember, so I know I will use them.’


“Settlement Support – Whangarei has run this seminar 3 years in a row now. The feedback is always great. Local service providers who have attended always comment on how useful it is for their work.

In a community that is becoming increasing diverse, communication with clients from non-English speaking countries and with cultural differences can be really challenging. Learning to understand and accept cultural differences sometimes isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Cross cultural competency is not text book learning. It is a process of learning to  apply cross cultural communication skills to new situations. This workshop provides the tools for cross cultural interactions in social and customer services.  

Wong Liu Shueng creates a safe environment for participants to discuss difficult experiences in order to learn new communication skills and enable fair and equal service to all people.” – Ellen Altshuler, Settlement Support Coordinator

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