Intercultural Works provides a range of effective services to corporate and organisational clients, and individuals, who seek to optimise how they relate to the many diverse cultures of New Zealand.


Intercultural Works offers interactive workshops are offered to maximise the way business operations relate to cultural diversity. These workshops are targeted to address barriers around:

  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Customer Service to the Culturally Different
  • Employing the Culturally Different
  • Negotiating with the Culturally Different

See individual workshop tabs for in-depth description of services on offer.

General Consultancy

Specialised group coaching and personal mentoring is available, as well as telephone and email support.


Intercultural Works provides mentoring services to individuals (regardless of their cultural perspectives) who find difficulty in settling into an organisational culture. These include front line staff, team leaders, and managers.

Further support can be accessed through emails and telephone.


Diverse teams that get bogged down because of a clash in cultural values and are able to benefit from some impartial objectivity and coaching of appropriate skills.

Further support can be accessed through emails and telephone.

Telephone Helpline

A standard fee gives a client 25 to 30 minutes to sort and suggest. These sessions offer insights into the situation at hand, and alternatives to be tried.

This service is available through email for appointments.

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