Negotiation Workshops

Negotiating with the Culturally Different

Reducing the grit in the sandpaper

Getting off to a good start

Longer term relationships with the culturally different are often a way of being introduced into new networks. or developing a relationship for the long term. Regardless of the duration, getting off to a good start is essential.

This is an interactive and practical workshop that examines the way we see and interpret the world through our own eyes and value systems. It is always culturally-bound.

Looking at our cultural lens
How you see others will impact on your relationship-building skills. Maximise the skills to ensure you make smoother connections from the beginning.

Making our expectations clear to ourselves
When expectations are known, then understanding can be built. English speakers have high expectations of English language skill, yet it is much more complex. Find out how and why.

Get it right first time. Having some rules about how to speak will help in building trust.

Prejudice is not so scary — no one is prejudice-free
Understand why this is so, what the indicators are, and how to manage them. It’s something all humans need to do.

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