Employment Workshops

Employing the Culturally Different

Getting you to ‘hit the ground running

Seeing the value beneath the surface

Most migrants come toNew Zealandbecause they have skills. These might not be as easy to identify as the skills of someone born here. But skills are transportable or there would not be so many Kiwis working away fromNew Zealand.

This is an interactive and practical workshop for businesses employing new New Zealanders who need to get beyond cultural barriers quickly and effectively.

What’s culture anyway? 
Certainly it’s more complex that you think. Learn to see the complexity within each person and why that impacts on each individual. Culture is like an onion but the outside is not the same as the inner core. Find out why.

Communicating in English — Giddayhowareyamate?
And you expect new New Zealanders to understand! Skill yourself up so you communicate for comprehension.

Hey, what do you think of that new bloke?
Where do you get your impressions from? Find out how people see you and compare it with how you see them. The model is useful in figuring out cultural barriers.

Is New Zealand all that different from other countries?
Are you an individualist? Not everyone in the world is. Looking at issues of perceptions of power relationships, collectivism in an individualistic society, authoritarian relationships, and uncertainty avoidance, will let you pinpoint many issues that might be raised. Forewarned is forearmed.

No one is prejudice-free
We learn it early, so unlearning and relearning allows self management of personal prejudice. Rather than being scared of your prejudices, learn about the indicators, and reduce your fears.

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