Conflict Resolution Workshops

Communication and Conflict Resolution


How to step out before you step in

How to work with challenging clients and work teams

Conflict is a part of life.  Human beings have a more developed vocabulary for talking about conflict than we have for talking about moments of calm.  In many ways our society shows how we are conflict junkies.  It is a way of talking. However this language is neither constructive, nor acceptable in face to face situations when dealing with conflict in the workforce, or conflict with diverse clients.

Communication and Conflict Resolution is a structured interactive course that shows how easy it is to walk along the path towards conflict, and how to identify the signs to change direction before it becomes a problem.

This course will expose you to:

  • heightened awareness of one’s own communication skills
  • appropriate ways to motivate ways of dealing with issues before they hit a crisis point
  • tackling personal responses of self-management to conflict

The interactive nature of the course allows participants to listen and discuss:

  • how people stumble in the process of wanting better communication, but are overcome with frustration
  • ways of self-management when applied early enough that can be both painless and fun
  • their own patterns around how they work

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